Final Cut

Directed by Michel Hazanavicius

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Release Year: 2023
Running time: 110
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Subjects: Film Studies
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Directed by: Michel Hazanavicius

The opening night selection of last year’s Cannes Film Festival was this wacky horror comedy, a remake of Shin’ichirô Ueda’s cult hit One Cut of the Dead. It follows a director (Romain Duris, L’Auberge Espagnole) making a live, single-take, low-budget zombie flick in which the cast and crew, one by one, actually turn into zombies. Oscar® winner Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) milks the film’s hilarious and meta-to-the-max premise for all it’s worth, while also crafting a sly love letter to the art of filmmaking. What’s on screen unfolds in typical cheesy B-movie fashion, while the off-screen hijinks offer a celebration of the unpredictable and collaborative nature of film sets. Featuring a hysterically unhinged turn by Oscar® nominee Berenice Bejo (The Artist) and serving up blood-soaked high farce par excellence, Final Cut revels in its affectionate embrace of goofy genre fun.


"Cinema is not dead, the film says. But it may be undead, still shuffling around and finding 13th-hour ways to turn fake blood, real sweat, and honest-to-Godard tears into something like magic."

- David Fear, Rolling Stone

“Hazanavicius has made a movie that tests our ideas of creative genius… this trashy, goofy, giddy, sloppy gore-fest isn’t so different from ‘The Artist’ after all.”

- Amy Nicholson, Los Angeles Times

“Hazanavicius forges his own path… a hilarious meta-commentary on the struggles of making a remake.”

- Mary Beth McAndrews, Dread Central

"Chaotic, filled with bad language and blood. In other words, it’s a great deal of fun."

- – Fangoria

“Downright hilarious…a bloody good time”

- Brian Truitt, USA Today

“Uses the coarse language of B-movies to make one re-appreciate the magic of cinema.”

- Nick Allen,

"A gory pleasure... Clever and giddily entertaining"

- Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

“Sparkling and funny…”

- Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

“Fun and self-reflexive, while also leaning into its remake status for a few added laughs.”

- Siddhant Adlakha, IGN

“In its own particular and seriously deranged way, Final Cut is as much a valentine to the act of filmmaking as Hazanavicius’ Oscar-winning film The Artist was.”

- Steve Pond, The Wrap

“A feel-good, highly entertaining comedy… You walk out of Final Cut with a smile on your face”

- Pete Hammond, Deadline

“Delightfully silly… a salute to cinema so goofy and goodhearted that it is hard to resist.’’

- Tim Grierson, Screen International

“An entertaining piece of work… [that] may yet have found a way to breathe new life into the zombie genre itself.”

- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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